Helix Studios – Twink Bait

Trying new things is a beautiful part of a young lad’s life. Sometimes shy & sexy little cuties like Noah White just need a little nudge. Watch two crazy hot, stiff & swollen “slick willies”, Blake Mitchell & Evan Parker as their 3way thickens and they pull off a very hot plot to get Noah that nudge and see if he gives these two sly university studs the the old college try!

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Helix Studios – Boardwalk Boys

With it’s magical mixture of golds & blues, distinct aroma & breezy, refreshing sensational surroundings, the sandy serenity of the southern California oceanside is one of mother nature’s greatest gifts and can be a powerful natural aphrodisiac. Combined with some classic carnival style fun & games and topped off with a beautiful beachfront sunset, there’s only one place a date with Calvin Banks & Brad Chase could possibly end up. Watch as these two extremely sexy & strapping young studs take their good time to go and finish their fun raw & unwrapped in an amazing date scene & fuck show you won’t want to miss!

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Helix Studios – Noah’s First Time Topping

Helix Studio’s Model Noah White finally busts his topping cherry by plowing hot twink Zach Taylor!

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Helix Studios – Introducing Sam Truitt

Introducing, Sam Truitt. Sam is a bisexual & super sexy, 6 foot tall & 9 inch long, ex-military top. In this, his first scene for Helix Studios, we find out a little about Sam’s family & past industry experience and a lot about what he’s working with when our very own adorable bottom boy Logan Cross sits down with and then on the very fine & friendly, hung hottie.

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Helix Studios – #helix: Max Carter, Tyler Hill & Justin Owen

On an all new episode of #helix, we welcome two first timers to the fun & fap-tastic Q&A fan mail series. This time, hardbodied hotties Max Carter & Justin Owen join the smooth & precious, previous twink interviewee Tyler Hill as we continue with the fiercely popular theme of “three’s very very good company”.

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Helix Studios – Excellent Service

Dealing via telephone with a company’s customer relations can at times be a nightmare. Then again. as loyal, well hung & crazy hot customer, Jesse Montgomery soon finds out, with sweet & wildly sexy Elliot Grey eager & at your service, it can also be a dream. Watch as these two well built & woodrow wielding warriors forgo the corporate runaround and really take care of each other.

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Helix Studios – Twin Bed Buddies

Young adulthood ain’t easy. And as any red-blooded teen buck who’s had to share a room can tell you: The hardest parts are finding private time to soothe & satisfy one’s hardest private parts.Take a peek as randy roomies Brad Chase & Blake Mitchell get busted batin’ and see what solution these two fit & fine fellas pull out as they deal with their own twin bed blues.

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Helix Studios – Heads or Tails

It’s the age old boy on boy dilemma. The cruel hand of fate manifested in one’s own personal position preference. Active & passive, give & receive, top & bottom… When it comes to passion & lovemaking, a couple’s versatility, or lack thereof, can really determine the temperature in the room. It can make or break the magic. It can be the top shelf & bottom line deciding factor in the fucking. Or… You can flip for it.¬†Join two top-tier, twink-tastic teenagers in lust, Aiden Garcia & Evan Parker as they toss to find who will be catching and who will be scrogging in this edge-of-his-seat matchup of “Heads I top, tails you bottom!”

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Helix Studios – Bases Loaded

It’s game day and twink teammates Max Carter & Noah White, are already at the ballpark and just finishing a pregame warm up when they find out that the big baseball blowout has been cancelled. All worked up and complete with the perfect gear, these two young, yellow haired hotties are in perpetual play mode and with equipment like this, they have no trouble coming up with a much better way to score.

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Helix Studios – Windy Day 3way

Mother nature is a cruel mistress and some days even in SoCal, the world famous weather can be unpredictable. When sweet & sexy Illinois boy Bastian Hart visits Cali, the midwestern slice of pasty perfection likes to get out there & toast buns in the warm California sun! However, this particular weekend, the clouds & gloom reigned supreme and the wind chased away any hopes of outdoor adventure. But fate smiled on young Bastian. For this weekend, his surf squad consisted of the hung and handsome duo & teen topping titans, Kody Knight & Blake Mitchell. Suddenly, cozying up for warmth indoors seemed like the perfect way to spend a west coast getaway.

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