Can I kiss you?

Blake’s been trying out for the soccer team 3 years in a row now and he just can’t seem to make it on the team. He doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong or how to get better. He’s resting on the bench super bummed out practically crying when Dylan walks to comfort him. Dylan tries to reassure him that he’ll make it next time around no problem. Dylan begins to massage his shoulder which seems to be calming him down. Dylan than asks him if it’s ok that they kiss and sure enough they both start making out. In small steps Dylan makes his way down and begins to suck on his cock but first always asking to make sure its ok since Blake has never been with a guy and really not sure how to act. Blake begins to let loose some and eventually Dylan has him ride his fat uncut cock. He sits all the way down on it and Dylan can’t believe how tight his ass is from him tensing up. Trying to make him relax some Dylan lays him on his back and fucks him deeper until Blake feels the warm sensation of all his cum shooting out. Dylan sees his sexy load and counters back with his sprinkler shot that covers Blake in cum.

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